Auction Services

We provide prompt and professional auction services. 

The process begins with a free consultation in your home or establishment to assess potential sale items.
The auctioneer will advise the client the best way to sell contents and give an approximate market value of items.
The auctioneer and client will decide the location, date and time for the sale.  Digital photos will be taken of items for advertising purposes. 

Auction contract will be completed and signed by client and auctioneer.
We provide extensive advertising of our auction sales including on websites, in newspapers, magazines and flyers. On sale day, signs are placed in various areas of the city to advertise the auction.  Over several years, we have compiled a huge customer/dealer e-mail list with thousands of potential buyers that have joined at to be notified in advance of our upcoming sales.  We provide maximum exposure to sell your items directly to people who are interested in buying.

We provide accurate and knowledgeable advice to individuals on the best way to liquidate items for the most money.


Appraisal Services

TNT Auctions provides appraisal services for your specific needs including; probate, estate settlements, separation/divorce, insurance and fair market value. A professional estimate of personal property will be documented with current market value, description, condition and photos.Whatever your needs are, TNT Auctions is committed to ensuring you receive accurate and professional service.